ZF Lifeguard Hybrid and eFluids from ZF Aftermarket

The future is now. Next generation mobility, driven by electric and hybrid vehicles, is transforming the market. From ZF Aftermarket comes the capability to power reliability, safety and performance: ZF Lifeguard Hybrid and ZF Lifeguard eFluid.

ZF Lifeguard e-Fluids from ZF Aftermarket are guaranteed to meet the most exacting of standards

Electric driveline systems produce more torque and force than conventional combustion engines. This requires premium fluids to ensure reduced wear, greater protection and improved vehicle performance. The new ZF Lifeguard e-Fluids from ZF Aftermarket are guaranteed to meet the most exacting of standards.

Specially designed for electric engines, car reducers and power electronics for maximum versatility, the triple-action formulation provides lubrication, as well as cooling and electrical insulation as required. The result: transmission efficiency is maximized, temperature control is optimized and battery failure is eliminated – allowing vehicles to go further, for longer.

Be ready for tomorrow today, with ZF Lifeguard e-Fluids

Better cooling of electric engine increases efficiencies leading to better battery life and maximised range. ZF Lifeguard Hybrid is infused with compatibility Augmented technology that works with copper coils and polymer material to create the optimum environment. Whilst ZF Lifeguard eFluid is specially designed with Thermo Control Augmented technology to maximize efficiency in electric vehicles whilst offering maximum resistance to oxidation.

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Performance and reliability are nothing without safety. ZF Lifeguard e-Fluids power up protection at every turn, reducing pressure on heavily stressed components thanks to excellent anti-wear properties and preventing electrical short circuits.

Ready to take performance up to a whole new level? ZF Lifeguard e-Fluids offer enhanced lubrication when compared with standard oils, for a drive that is as responsive as it is smooth. ZF Lifeguard Hybrid offers enhanced durability on components with perfect gear shifting comfort, providing optimum performance all-round.

ZF Lifeguard eFluid are available in Canada. For more information about ZF Aftermarket products, contact us or visit ZF Aftermarket e-mobility

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