Representation Services

GFGM Marketing offer a complete suite of solutions to satisfy your representation needs that can bring out the most influential aspects of your company’s products enabling you to leave a long-lasting impression to your customers. A Business Development Representative firm who provide representation services like GFGM Marketing is acting as a liaison between the manufacturers and the customers or clients. One of their role his to seek new business opportunities by contacting and developing relationships with potential customers.

To be successful in this role, these representatives should have previous experience developing leads from marketing campaigns and meeting sales quotas. They are using their communication skills to cultivate strong relationships with customers, from first contact until they close the deal. They will also ensure proper after-sales service. A common task for these representatives is that they answer phone calls from clients, and assist them with on-site demos for manufacturers products.

“Our representation services are all about making sure the customer has a smooth experience.”

The market for outsourced representation services is booming

The market for outsourced representation services is booming in today’s economy. Manufacturers are outsourcing their in field sales and representation service initiatives to third-party companies to help them to introduce new products into a specific territory or to increase their sales.

Third-party companies who offer representation services like GFGM Marketing are sales professionals who have the knowledge to focus on what makes a particular product special for the automotive aftermarket parts industry in Canada. Companies that provide representation services usally have long term relationship with an array of regional and national distributors and wholesalers.

Benefits of hiring a independent representation service firm

Many business have found success by outsourcing their representation services, to save cost and time. It also allows these companies to focus on other aspects of their business while an independent representative firm handles all their representation and sales services.

These services also help in other aspects like providing quality customer visits and meeetings. Customer visits are a critical part of any sales process. They provide essential information on the customer’s requirements and manufacturers offerings, as well as fruitful opportunities for selling and up-selling products.

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