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Business are constantly searching for a sales agent to establish an optimal structure with sales. However, when it comes to automotive aftermarket in Canada then most of the people out there don’t have an idea about whether their team should be composed of a direct sales rep or they need to hire a sales agent or a sales agency as well. As per experiences, developing a hybrid sales organization based on both direct as well as indirect sales rep is capable of providing an optimal combination of flexibility, performance, and cost-effectiveness in the best possible way.

Well, are you still confused about why hiring a independent sales agent in any industry, even the aftermarket auto parts industry is crucial? Let’s get started from the basics to know who the sales agent actually is and how it can benefit your organization in the best possible way.

What is a sales agent ?

Independent sales agents also known as manufacturer’s rep are known by many names, but one of the best ways to define the independent sales agent is to consider it as an outsourced service provider for field sales services of various complementary products’ manufacturers.

More commonly, a sales agent is an independent contractor hired by several companies (Principals) to sell their products and manage relationships with customers, in the best possible way in a defined territory. A sales agent will not work under companies (Principals) immediate supervision whose products he is selling. Therefore, the relationship between a sales agent and companies (Principals) will be of a business to business (B2B) partnership type.

A sales agent firm will usually offered as many complementary products lines they can in order to maximize its time and profitability. They can be run by a single person or can also be based upon an extensive number of sales representatives who will be covering an assigned territory. Theses firms are often owned by an extremely seasoned and successful salesperson.

How are independent sales agents usally paid?

Sales agents are independent contractors who generally earns a commission for the sales they make in their territory. Usually, you don’t have to pay a sales agent a fixed amount in terms of salary. Rather you will only pay them a commission after the sale is made and only for what they are going to sell. As the sales agent operates under an autonomous sales and marketing company, that business is responsible for covering all the different operational needs such as, employee benefits, taxes, travel expenses, technology, insurance costs, office equipment, etc.

Therefore, sales agents can offer a most amazing and highly cost-effective alternative option for a business than hiring a direct sales team. Whether you are owning an automotive parts warehouse in Canada or working in any other field, you can hire a sales agent, or a sales agency company as per your needs with ease.

Benefits of hiring a sales agent :

Hiring a independent sales agent can help you in getting multiple benefits. Do you want to know how hiring a sales agency can be an amazing option for you to consider? Let’s have a look at the compelling benefits in this regard. These will certainly let you understand why to hire a sales agent in the best possible way.

An effortless solution

More commonly smaller manufacturers can’t afford to establish their in-house sales teams. Therefore, they can easily get benefit from the services of manufacturer representative firms. They can hire these firms or independent manufacturer rep to improve their sales services to the next level. This will help them in maximizing their products coverage in the best possible way.

Immediate market access

When you are going to make an experienced commercial sales agent a part of your sales team, you will be able to get access to different aspects of the market on an immediate basis. Most commonly, these sales reps come up with extensive experience in the testing market. This will make knowing the new sales potential in the market much less straining financially for manufacturers.

Increase sales

A quick increase in sales is one of the most obvious benefits of hiring a sales agent. When you are going to hire an experienced, established and professional independent sales agent, your product’s sales ability will increase to the new heights. Sales agents will fuel your success with their experience, relationships in the market and obviously with their expertise.

Quicker response time

Beyond sales duties, sales agents can provide an array of services to or for their clients with ease. Even though these services are being offered to strengthen their relationship with their respected customers, this can also help the manufacturer in terms of increased sales, better marketing as well as improved customer service. By this, you will be able to respond to your customers’ problem more quickly and can resolve their concerns in a more effective way with ease.

Avoid all fixed cost

When you are hiring an in-house sales team, you have to pay them fixed pays along with travel and medical allowances and much more. However, when you are working with an independent sales agent, you just have to pay them a certain commission on the basis of what they are going to sell. By this, you can increase your sales cost-effectively. As you don’t have to pay any fixed amounts.

Effective knowledge about territories

Sales agents have intimate knowledge about their territories. Most of the representatives are working in the same market for years which has helped them to know more about deep secrets of the market. This can certainly help you more than selecting a salesperson who has experience of 1 to 2 years only in a territory.

Final thoughts

Hiring a independent sales representative can benefit you in multiple ways from increasing sales to making the entire selling process cost-effective. If you are going to observe multiple sales organizations over time, you will certainly get to know how the best and most optimal sales teams are being formed to increase sales, improve customer service and boost your marketing results in the best possible way.

Certainly, after knowing all the above-mentioned reasons you want to get services from a independent sales agent than hiring your own in-house sales force. Make sure to do proper research before hiring a sales agent to experience its benefits to the fullest.

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