SWS Warning Lights

SWS Warning Lights is North America's leader in high quality warning lighting. Arrows, Beacons, Minibars, Directors, Warning Sticks & more.

Since 1969 SWS Warning Lights, has provided professional-grade amber warning lights for commercial fleets across North America. Made proudly in Canada, SWS lights are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, durable enough for rigorous construction applications where safety is non-negotiable and visibility is critical. With a large team of lighting engineers and one of the widest selections on the market, SWS Warning Lights has the right commercial lighting solution for your fleet of heavy-duty vehicles.


SWS product line ranges from beacons to traffic arrows to warning light bars. These products are available in the latest LED technologies to keep fleet vechicles safe during emergencies. All their products are Canadian-designed and Canadian-made, handcrafted for unparalleled attention to detail.



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