Since 1976, Brigade has been at the Forefront of the Commerical Vehicle Safety Industry.

Brigade has been pioneering the cause of commercial vehicle and plant safety since 1976, when it introduced the very first reversing alarm to Europe. From our humble beginnings in the UK, we are now viewed as a market leader in vehicle safety systems. With a strong network of worldwide subsidiaries and partnerships with approved distributors, all chosen for their high level of service and expertise, we have the experience and knowledge to understand your industry and the problems you face.


Brigade understands that without quality, reliable products we would not be the company we are today, which is why we go the extra mile to make sure safety is not compromised. Products are only released once we are confident they are fit for purpose. It would be easy to forget this with the lure of new technologies, but this is not the Brigade way. Whatever the product or technology, it has to pass rigorous and comprehensive testing before we consider it suitable to be included in our portfolio. A closely controlled design and manufacturing process plus in-house Research and Development is all managed by a proficient engineering team that sets us apart from the competition. They ensure our products are, and remain, at a consistently high standard.

Brigade bbs-tek White Noise Backup Alarms

Brigade White Noise Backup Alarms

The bbs-tek alarm uses a pleasant white sound (broadband sound) instead of the irritating single frequency sound of outmoded reversing and alarms. The source of bbs-tek sound (white sound) is instantly locatable and directional. It is also localised in the danger zone and dissipates rapidly. As a result no more complaints of noise pollution. No more reversing and alarm disconnects by irritated drivers Instant location of the reversing vehicle, no more head-spinning and confusion.

Broadband sound is known colloquially as “white sound”. The “white” description derives from white light which is composed of all the colors in the spectrum. White sound is, similarly, composed of all frequencies in the audio spectrum. White sound has the unique characteristic of its source being instantly locatable. White sound does not have to rely on high sound pressure (decibels) in order to be heard because, being multi-frequency, competing single frequencies cannot mask it. As a result a white sound alarm is equally effective at lower decibels than outmoded single-frequency alarms.

A1400 – SA-BBS-107 – Backup Alarm White Noise Self adjusting heavy duty – 87-107 Decibels

A1399 – SA-BBS-97 – Backup Alarm White Noise Self adjusting medium duty – 77-97 Decibels




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