Modern Sales

Modern Sales

Modern Sales Co-op is a Canadian co-operative with members from coast to coast, and vendors from around the globe. Being a recognized leader in the community, Modern Sales Co-op provides its members with a wide range of products, and offers its vendors opportunities unavailable elsewhere in Canada.

With over 300 vendors, more than 300 member locations and over 70 years in the business, Modern Sales Co-op has proven itself as a stable business organization and one with the distinction of being the most diverse co-operative in Canada.

Vendors partnering with Modern Sales Co-op are provided an outstanding opportunity with an organization focused on long-term relationships and financial responsibility. For members, Modern Sales Co-op provides the opportunity to diversify and grow in a challenging marketplace. Modern Sales Co-op continues to operate on the fundamental basis of honesty, fairness, and integrity.

In the mid-1930s, seven Canadians joined together with the desire to enhance their business relationships with the vendor community, and the concept of Modern Sales Co-op was born.

Today, with over seventy years of experience, Modern Sales Co-op’s commitment to the independent business person still holds true. Modern Sales Co-op has grown from a group of seven to a national organization with a membership network that believes in honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for their fellow members.

Since its inception, Modern Sales Co-op has been committed to long term relationships with its members and vendors.

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