Hella Pagid is a leading supplier of innovative brake systems in the OEM and the automotive aftermarket.

We can look back on decades of experience as an OEM and offer the sales competence of one of the largest trading organizations in the world. Pagid combine proven OEM engineered brake technology with extensive professional sales support, leading innovation with first-class technical service and a complete product range with outstanding logistics. TMD Friction is the global market leader for braking linings, whose product portfolio combines top brake technology with constant innovation.



The products of Hella Pagid are distributed via the global aftermarket organization of HELLA. Pagid have over 14,000 products in their range which includes wearing parts, brake hydraulics, clutch hydraulics, fluids & chemicals and accessories. Even the most discerning customers are impressed by the breadth and quality of the products we have on offer. RELIANCE. TRUST. PERFORMANCE

  • Brake discs
    ➔ More than 2,500 brake discs (of which over 720 are coated)
    ➔ Coverage: > 98% of existing vehicles*
    ➔ Mostly coated brake discs
    ➔ PRO: no rusting and easy installation
    ➔ Wide range of high-carbon brake discs
    ➔ Satisfies ECE Regulation 90 throughout the entire portfolio
  • Brake pads
    ➔ More than 2,300 brake pads
    ➔ Over 100 compounds to assure you receive the right friction for your car
    ➔ More than 35 different noise reduction techniques
  • Brake drums
    ➔ More than 300 brake drums
    ➔ Extraordinarily powerful
    ➔ Particularly long service life
    ➔ Made of high-grade castings
  • Brake shoes
    ➔ More than 400 brake shoes (of which over 195 are pre-assembled)
    ➔ Coverage: > 95% of existing vehicles*
    ➔ More than 230 brake shoe kits
  • Brake calipers
    ➔ More than 2,000 brake calipers
    ➔ Replacement brake calipers as an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative
  • Brake hoses
    ➔ More than 900 brake hoses
    ➔ Outstandingly shockproof
    ➔ Rugged hose fitting assemblies
    ➔ Far exceeds the SAEJ1401 specification


If you are searching for a part number, you can access the Pagid online parts catalog, the Brake Guide.

Pagid Part Search BrakeGuide


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