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AAE is a trusted brand of high-quality new and remanufactured power steering products for the automotive aftermarket.

AAE Steering Systems has earned the reputation as a steering systems specialist. With over 30 years of remanufacturing experience, AAE is an industry leader in both new and remanufactured steering racks, power steering pumps, gearboxes and related power steering components. AAE branded products include a growing program of EPS and EHPS products and components along with a wide offering of HPS new and remanufactured products as well as HPS core saver components.


AAE products include hydraulic, electric, and electro-hydraulic steering system components. Their extensive remanufacturing experience has allowed AAE to develop many new “better than OE” replacement parts in cases where there is a known issue with the factory equivalent. AAE is a leader in the EPS category, offering pioneering solutions for both repair and replacement. Remanufacturing expertise also guides our quality control process.

No matter where an AAE part is manufactured (or remanufactured), it has to pass strict US-based quality control. 100% of our inventory is tested in our factories. This means every AAE part can be installed with confidence, thanks to one of the industry’s lowest warranty rates.

EPS Electric and Hydraulic Power Steering components

AAE steering racks
Electric Steering Racks — New and Reman
Manual Racks — New and Reman
Electro-Hydraulic Pumps — New and Reman
Hydraulic Steering Racks – New and Reman
Hydraulic Steering Pumps – New and Reman
Steering Gearboxes — New and Reman

Electric power steering (EPS) has become the prevalent technology in the category, and the AAE brand offers an extensive selection of new and remanufactured EPS solutions — including electro-hydraulic (EHPS) components.The AAE brand offers a multitude of EPS SKUs for a range of domestic and import brands. It was first to market for popular vehicles like the Ford Mustang as well as Subaru’s Crosstrek, Forester, and Impreza. Our coverage for the Ford F-150 alone covers more than 1 million VIO in the US. While the AAE brand may be best known for remanufacturing expertise, AAE also offer new racks for selected applications.

What’s more, their new EPS racks for BMW and Mini are the same units being sold by dealers. Electro-hydraulic power steering pumps used in electro-hydraulic power steering systems incorporate an ECU, electric motor, and hydraulic pump into a single unit — and in some cases, a steering fluid reservoir. AAE’s decades of experience come in handy when dealing with these complex and critical products.


Clicking the link below will take you to the AAE Steering online catalog, where you can search parts by application, VIN, or Part Number. To help you find the correct part or fluid for a specific application, CRP Automotive products are listed in an online catalog. Subscribers to Activant/Epicor, WHI, and other leading eCat platforms should also be able to find AAE and CRP Automotive parts on these e-catalogs.


AAE Brand Overview
AAE Reman EPS Product

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