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GFGM Marketing Manufacturers Representative

Market Your Products & Grow Your Brand Organically

GFGM Marketing is a manufacturer’s representative and sales agency who provide entrance with every major automotive and heavy-duty parts distributor across Canada. Here at GFGM Marketing, we proudly represent manufacturers who are looking for a efficient and profitable way to expand their current product line, or introduce new products into their collections within the Canadian automotive market. As your dedicated manufacturer’s representatives partner, we serve as your passionate, professional, and experienced independent sales agent, working to sell your products to distributors and major warehouses in Canada.

We partner with manufacturers who want to achieve the best results possible by expanding their market reach through highly profitable inbound sales and marketing processes. Our manufacturer’s representatives outperform common sales agencies because we offer the inherent benefits of our wide range of high quality product line synergy. Say goodbye to competing manufacturer’s representative. Instead, you receive a dedicated team of manufacturer’s representatives 100% assigned to your business, your products, and your growth.

We’re More Than Just a Sales Agencywe are professionals who will grow your brand and get you into new markets

What We OfferSince 1992, we’ve been serving the automotive aftermarket with a wide variety of services, including:

Sales representative

Promoting sales, servicing existing clients and establishing new accounts.


Our team will promote and communicate the best message to increase sales.

Strategic planning

We will identify a marketing plan, competitors analysis, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Distribution management

We put your product into distributors warehouses and jobbers across Canada.

Product training

We offer product training and technical support.

We're a canadian company

Founded in 1992, GFGM Marketing has come a long way from its beginnings. We successfully introduced over 20 manufacturers and more than 100 products in the automotive and the heavy-duty canadian market. We have worked for different brands and we have achieved utmost success.

We’re always at the center of your needs

For us, nothing is more important than placing ourselves at the center of our clients’ needs. We understand just how competitive the automotive market can be, and we’re here to help our clients gain a leg up on the competition, especially when they’re unable to compete with manufacturers who have their own sales teams.

The automotive aftermarket parts industry is competitive

It should come as no surprise that the automotive aftermarket industry in Canada is as competitive as ever before. With that in mind, you need to be sure that you’ve given yourself every opportunity to get your products into the major distributors across the country and our team is here to help.

Get Yourself Back In The Game

In everything that we do, we strive to assist our clients in getting back into the game. By serving as their dedicated manufacturer representative, we embrace their brand, their ideals, their mission, and their products. It’s almost as if we’re an extension of your very business.

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