NLS products

NLS Products est le distributeur canadien de produits tels que Acustrip, Fluid Film, Breakthru, Gloozit, Goop, Hylomar et plus encore.

NLS Products  est une entreprise de distribution canadienne depuis 1985 avec un entrepôt et un complexe de bureaux de 20 000 pieds carrés. Ils sont situés à Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada, au cœur des lacs Kawartha, sur la voie navigable Trent Severn à 120 km au nord-est de Toronto.


FLUID FILM® is a penetrant and lubricant also used for corrosion prevention. It is a non-toxic, long lasting, thixotropic liquid that has been used for over fifty years in the highly corrosive marine environment of ships and offshore drilling rigs. More recently they have been introduced and successfully utilized in the aerospace, aircraft and automobile industries as well as for home maintenance. Facilities where they are used include the following: government facilities, commercial fishing concerns, gas companies, agriculture, salt plants, municipal plants, power plants, manufacturing plants and pulp and paper mills.


Easy to install, with installation tool included,

LiquiTube stops flat tires before they

stop you.


Breakthru is a highly refined oil-based product

that infiltrates components quickly and frees

rusted parts.


GLOOZIT bonds virtually everything!


AcuStrip Fluid diagnostic test strips


Steel epoxy putty for Auto/Truck,

Home, Farm, Marine, Hobbies

and Plumbing.


Plastic fibreglass repair for home,

marine,RV, plumbing and hobbies.

Even works under water!



Non-setting gasket and jointing

compounds based on the

non-setting Hylomar

Universal Blue polymer system.



Glass cleaner, foam cleaners,

white grease, lubricants

and more.

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